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Alfa Romeo Insurance – stylish and Italian, what else can you ask for?

Audi Insurance – their reputation speaks for itself, lots of high technology models to choose from, like the popular A3 and TT, there’s an Audi out there for everyone.


BMW Insurance – among the largest luxury car manufacturers in the whole world, stop dreaming about it and read how to get your own piece of luxury with the BMW 1 series, or even the BMW 3 series.


Chevrolet Insurance – the real American car. Even if you’re not able to buy a brand new one anymore, you can still get one second hand.

Chrysler Insurance – another American classic, Chrysler brings you luxury at an affordable price.

Citroen Insurance – that trademark French flair combined with affordability and maneuverability makes the Citroen C1 a real pleasure to drive and park.


Ferrari Insurance – You’ll feel like a king driving one of these, but even kings need Insurance.

Fiat Insurance – Italy’s largest car maker since 1899. They have a vaste variety of models and it’s guaranteed that there’s a FIAT for everyone.

Ford Insurance – a timeless classic. You saw at least one of them on your street today, from the smaller Ka to the bigger Fiesta and Focus, Ford cars are everywhere.


Honda Insurance – this Japanese giant was nominated the most reliable car manufacturer for nine successive years, the Civic was released in 1973, and it’s still going strong after almost 50 years.

Hyundai Insurance – one of the best makes to make sure you’ll get your money’s worth, all Hyundai cars come with a five-year unlimited mileage warranty.


Jaguar Insurance – for those with a bit of a wild side, the Jaguar is sure to deliver thanks to its new and improved models.


Kia Insurance – Hyundai’s parent company is starting to make a name for itself, and the seven-year warranty that comes with all models of Kia is one of the reasons why.


Lamborghini Insurance – driving one of these feels like a dream, but you’ll have to remember to get yourself an Insurance first.

Land Rover Insurance – classic look and style combined with an utilitarian, we can’t think of much better than that.

Lexus Insurance – the fancier cousin of Toyota, if you’re looking for comfort and luxury, Lexus is the way to go.

Lotus Insurance – for those looking for some real speed. Better look at the potential Insurance cost as well.


Maserati Insurance – a giant between luxury makes, Maserati combines style with all the comforts you’ll need.

Mazda Insurance – from their humble beginnings making three-wheeled trucks, Mazda has made some real progress.

Mercedes Benz Insurance – the German luxury car. Known and loved worldwide, you can’t go wrong with a Mercedes.

MG Insurance – an icon of Britain, MG might have seen better days but their timeless cars are still worth it.

Mini Insurance – another British make, we just hope the insurance for a MINI will be as small as its boot space.

Mitsubishi Insurance – the Shogun and Outlander are their most famous cars, Mitsubishi is another Japanese giant worth considering.


Nissan Insurance – there’s a Nissan for everyone, and yes, you definitely can with a Nissan.

Noble Insurance – a newer luxury car make, Noble started manufacturing luxury cars in 1999.


Peugeot Insurance – the may have started out making coffee grinders and umbrella frames, but Peugeot is one of the biggest car makes around now.

Porsche InsurancePorsche, the name says it all.


Renault Insurance – there’s a Renault for everyone, but why not start with the Clio?

Rolls-Royce Insurance – even the most luxurious cars need Insurance, and Rolls-Royce is no exception.

Rover Insurance – they may not be making Rovers anymore, but there are still plenty around to choose from.


Saab Insurance – this Swedish giant may not be around anymore, but a Saab it’s still a worthwhile choice.

Seat Insurance – the biggest car manufacturer in Spain, Seat has been around since 1950.

Skoda Insurance – the Czech car of choice, Skoda is big all over the world today.

Smart Insurance – the smallest car around, easy to drive and park anywhere.

Suzuki Insurance – not only motorbikes, Suzuki also makes some really fast cars like the Suzuki Swift.


Toyota Insurance – one of the biggest and most successful manufacturers in the world, Toyota cars are everywhere today.

TVR Insurance – formerly Trevcar Motors, TVR was, at one time, the third-largest specialised sports car manufacturer in the world.


Vauxhall Insurance – another British manufacturer, Vauxhall’s been around for almost a century.

Volkswagen InsuranceVolkswagen is still one of the most popular makes around, from the days of the Beetle until present day with the UP!

Volvo InsuranceVolvo has always focused on safety first, making it one of the best options out there.

Have you found the right make for you? You may want to start thing about a down payment on a car.

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