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How to Store Your Motorcycle for the Winter

How to Store Your Motorcycle for the Winter
Winter Is Coming. It’s Time to Start Thinking About How You Are Going to Store Your Motorcycle for the Winter Months. There Are a Lot of Different Ways That People Choose to Store Their Motorcycles During the Colder Months, and We Will Give You Some Tips on What Works Best.

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10 Tips for Winter Motorcycle Storage


It’s not too early to start thinking about how you’re going to store your motorcycle for the winter.

The last thing you want is a snowstorm with wet, slushy roads and your bike getting damaged because it was left out in the open.

There are many ways that people protect their motorcycles from the elements this time of year.

Here are some tips:

#01. Keep Your Bike Clean

Washing your bicycle before storage has two major benefits: keeping rust at bay to maintain its quality as well as improving fuel efficiency when you finally get back on board.

motorcycle wash

#02. Store in a Secure Location

When it comes to bikes, location is everything. If you are storing your bike outside make sure that the area in which it will be stored has a large space.

motorcycle storage

#03. Whenever Possible, Use Paddock Stands

Using paddock stands is an excellent way to keep your bike in a secure position, off its tires.

Paddocks are great for when you need more than just the ground as a base.

motorcycle Paddock Stands

#04. Trickle Charge Your Battery

You can either completely remove the battery from the bike or merely connect the terminals with a connection and use a trickle charger to keep it charged.

motorcycle battery

#05. Use Corrosion Protectant

When a bike is not in use, exhausts and silencers can corrode quickly, so ensure sure they are adequately protected for the winter.

Spray a mild oil or a particular corrosion protectant on your bike before putting it away.

motorcycle corrosion protectant

#06. Start Your Engine

One easy way to keep your bike in working order is to start it up every few weeks.

Condensation can get inside the exhaust pipe, which leads to rot on the inside of the pipe. A good warm-up will help prevent this from happening.


#07. Fill up the Tank

A full tank of gas will not only prevent the inside from rusting but also avoid any costly repairs that might occur during winter.

This is a great option if you ride your bike regularly throughout the year and want to make sure it’s in good condition for next season.

motorcycle fill up tank

#08. Keep it Locked

The best way to protect your bike is by choosing the right lock.

If you want one, make sure it’s durable enough for any situation and if possible, invest in an immobilizer too.

motorcycle lock

#09. Maintain Your Insurance Coverage

Your motorcycle insurance covers you for more than just riding, so if you need to stay off the road for a while it’s better not cancel.

Stay insured and be safe.

motorcycle insurance

#10. Complete the Errands You’ve Been Intending To Do

It’s the time of year when you have to take your bike off the road for a few weeks in preparation.

This is an excellent opportunity to do those jobs that get put on hold during the summer months, such as oil changes and other important tune-ups.

motorcycle change oil

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In Conclusion

The winter months are upon us and for many motorcycle riders, this means a time to put their bike in storage.

Winter is the most dangerous season to be on a motorcycle, so if you’re going to store your bike make sure it’s done properly.

Remember, the best way to keep your motorcycle running well for an extended period of time is by storing it correctly.

When winter hits, taking care of your motorcycle might seem like an impossible task.

But if you follow these simple steps before storing away your two-wheeled ride for the season, chances are good that come next year it will start right up with no problems at all.

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Motorcycle Winter Storage Tips

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