8 Things to Do Before Hitting the Road

There Is No Such Thing as Being Too Prepared When It Comes to Taking Time for Yourself and Your Family. Here Are 8 of the Most Important Things That Should Be On Your 'To-Do' List Before Hitting the Road!

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8 Things to Do Before Hitting the Road

You’re so excited to get out of town but you still have some important things to do before packing up your car and heading down the interstate.

It’s important to remember these 8 things before hitting the road, or else you may be sorry later!

#01. Make Maintenance a Priority

Get your vehicle checked out before it’s too late.

If the engine light is on, you’ll want to know what could be wrong with your car and how much cost will come in fixing that issue now versus waiting for something worse to happen down the road.

car maintenance

#02. Check & Inflate Your Tires as Needed

Underinflated tires can cost you a lot of money in terms of gas mileage.

If you don’t have a tire pressure gauge in your car, now is a good time to go to your local department store and get one.

inflate tyre

#03. Have Your Oil Changed

You’ll need your engine in its best possible shape for a long road trip, and some fresh oil will help keep everything moving in there. 

change oil

#04. Prepare Your Route Ahead of Time

It’s a good idea to download the maps you’ll need before you leave just in case the place you’re driving through won’t have cellular service.


#05. Plot Your Course

If you’re planning a trip, consider spending some time researching your destination beforehand for things like weather forecasts.

road plan

#06. Charge Your Backup Batteries & Bring Car Chargers

For a long road trip, it’s important to think about what will happen if your car battery dies.

Consider investing in some car chargers or bringing spare batteries with you before the journey begins so that when an emergency does arise, you’re prepared.

charge batteries

#07. Fill up the Gas

Fill up the gas before taking a road trip.

Make sure you have enough to get where you’re going and back.

fuel up

#08. Make Sure You Have a Fully Supplied Emergency or Breakdown Kit

Road trips can be fun, but they are also pretty unpredictable.

An emergency or breakdown kit is always a good idea to have on hand in case of any problems.

car emergency kit

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What Are the Worst Times To Drive?

In Conclusion

In order to make the most of your road trip, take a few minutes before you hit the open roads.

A little planning and preparation will go a long way in ensuring that you have an enjoyable time on your adventure.

You never know what might happen on these highways so stay safe by checking off this simple checklist of things that need to be done beforehand.

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John Duckett

Written by
John Duckett
Founder, CarInsuranceCheck

John helps individuals get the best deal on car insurance. He advises on how to match client needs with budget and successfully negotiates with insurance houses to exceed client expectations.

Working in the online space is his passion, he loves to share his knowledge on insurance and keeps an updated blog.

Road Trip Checklist

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