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Car Colours & How They Affect Your Safety

Car Colours & How They Affect Your Safety
The Colour You Choose for Your Car Is Very Important, Can You Believe It? You Need to Consider All the Colours and How They Will Affect Your Safety.

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Everything You Need to Know About Car Colours & Accident Rates


What is in colours? Many people have a favourite but should your colour preference be the best shade for your vehicle?

We tend to give a lot of thought in purchasing a new car like the interior, exterior and how the engine runs.

However, we tend to pick the vehicle’s colour based on one that looks appealing to the eye.

Well, according to various research studies, car colours can be a significant factor in your chances of getting an accident and here’s a comprehensive guide on car colours and traffic accidents, to help you understand how this works.

You’ve been probably gathering information about how to get the best insurance rates1 for your vehicle in South Africa and haven’t given any thought about your car colour.

You see, it doesn’t matter if you have a family to think about or your wellbeing when it comes to auto insurance you need to consider all the angles.

You might think your age, the car model, car’s market value, your profession and other factors are the only things you might want to consider.

However, based on research by car manufacturers, government road safety divisions, and other scientific organizations, your vehicle’s colour is vital to consider. 

That said, what car colour has the most accidents? Here are some of the most popular car colours and their accident rates2:

Black Cars

If you’re assuming that black cars are the most likely culprit as the colour that has a high risk of collision, you’re right.

When you count low-light conditions as a factor, the dark-shaded vehicles automatically stand out than their counterparts.

As per a study by Monash University, based on police data on 850,000 traffic incidents, black cars were proven to have higher accident cases at night than the brighter vehicles.

They were also 12% more likely to be involved in collisions during the day.

Other studies also found that black is the most dangerous car colour. The research showed that driving a black car increases the chances of a crash by anywhere between 10% and 20%.

Well, with all these studies and research, one question lingers, why are black car more likely to be involved in a collision? Well, it all stems on visibility.

Dark coloured vehicles are difficult to see, especially during the night. Black cars also blend into the surroundings, thus making it challenging for other drivers to see them at night.

It’s probably a good idea to know a bit more about the car insurance write-off process if you own a black car.

White Car

Gray & Silver Cars

Grey and silver cars, just like black cars are also high risk. Grey coloured cars, for instance, are linked with 11% accident risks than the most secure vehicles.

Silver cars, on the other hand, have a 10% higher risk than the safest vehicles – this is due to the visibility rate.

Both grey and silver cars can be challenging to see, especially at night.

Nonetheless, one study found that silver cars might be safer. The research uncovered that silver cars were 50% less likely to be involved in a severe accident than even the safest colored vehicles on the road.

Blue Vehicles

Blue is one of the most popular car colour options around the world. While blue vehicles tend to be less high-risk than black cars, they still pose a high risk.

When compared to the safest car colour, blue cars have a 7% higher risk of being involved in a crash.

Well, blue might not be the darkest of colours, but it still poses a risk because most of the earth’s surrounding are blue, including the daytime sky.

As a result, blue hues, to some drivers, can be challenging to distinguish.

Sports Car

Red Cars

Since visibility is the most significant factor when figuring out the link between the vehicle colour and accident risk, you might assume that red is the safest choice, but it’s not.

While red is associated with less accident than black, grey and silver vehicles, red cars have more accidents than other coloured cars.

When you compare it to the safest vehicle on the road, red has a 7% higher risk of accidents.

Why does it have a high-risk accidents rate and yet it’s visible? Well, red is a bold and vibrant shade, but it’s also a popular colour on the roads.

From traffic lights, brake lights, sirens, and even most road signs, red colours pop up as we go about our merry ways.

Therefore, most drivers will have a challenging time trying to distinguish red vehicles from the backdrop.

Green Cars

Green vehicles, according to most studies, is perhaps the safest of the ‘most dangerous car colours on the road. There are no high risks of accidents when you drive a green car.

Nevertheless, more green cars tend to be more involved in collisions than the safest car colour on the road, which is white cars.

Again, this all boils down to visibility. Green is prevalent in the world with the grass, road signs, hills and even fences. 

Most buildings are also coated in dark green colours so green vehicles can get lost in the shuffle.

However, you must note that even though the most logical option would be to strike out black cars from the automotive industry’s colour spectrum, it would be detrimental to highway fashion.

With black colours gracing our roads, states roads would be bombarded with white and silver cars.

The lack of variety would affect the human eye as everything eventually begins to blur together, thus making things worse than before.

Yellow Car

So, you might ask, if red, black, grey and dark blue vehicles won’t be abolished, then what’s the point of all this? Well, it all comes down to personal choice and preferences.

Car colour in many countries, including South Africa, plays a role in over 75% of the buyer’s selection. Nonetheless, these studies also serve as a manner to increase your awareness of the risks.

It also helps in reducing your premiums3 since lighter shaded vehicles have lower car insurance premiums in South Africa.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to remember that driver behaviour is the most critical safety gauge, and making sure to always get the best car insurance quote regardless.

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When you drive while drunk, the lack of taking safety precautions and talking or texting on the phone when driving can be more hazardous to your wellbeing than driving a sleek black car.

Therefore, you have to ensure that you’re wide awake and on high alert when and always keep in mind that you’re the only sane driver when on the road.

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