Ways To Organize Your Caravan Storage

Ways To Organize Your Caravan Storage
The Use of These Ingenious Storage Ideas Will Result in a More Organized and Enjoyable Living Space. You Can Find Even More Great Caravan Storage Solutions on Our Blog, so Be Sure to Take a Look!

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50 Unique Caravan Storage Ideas You’ll Love


Caravan storage can be a tricky topic. You need to figure out what you want, but also how it will work with your caravan.

It’s not always easy to find the right balance between practicality and style when designing your storage solutions for your caravan.

In this post, we’ll share 50 ideas that are sure to get you thinking!

Plan Ahead

#01. Start Planning Early

Make a list well in advance of packing day and add to it as needed.

Preparing ahead of time will prevent a packing rush.

More importantly, you’ll avoid overpacking when you’re in a hurry.

#02. Make an Inventory

Before you depart, consider your options carefully and review the camping checklist.

It’s a good idea to evaluate your packing every now and again to stay on top of things and get rid of any unnecessary items.


#03. Be Prepared

The best way to prepare for any trip is by packing according to where you’re heading.

Make sure that when preparing your bags, research what will be the weather in whatever destination you are headed to pack appropriately.

Basic Caravan Storage

#04. Keep the Necessities Handy

You should keep objects that you use frequently near at hand.

That way, they’ll be easy to find when you need them, and they won’t get lost in drawers or cabinets.

#05. A Place for Everything

The best way for you to know where your things are in the caravan is by having designated areas inside it.

caravan organizer

#06. Make Use of Unused Areas

Adding extra shelving to your home is a great way of maximizing space in the caravan.

It’s important that you make sure it doesn’t encroach on headroom or trip hazards though.

Caravan Kitchen & Cupboard Storage

#07. Clean Up

You’ll be a good camper if you have the necessary items to clean up after yourself.

Consider whether or not your stay will allow for camp kitchens, and pack accordingly.

#08. Waste Reduction

In order to keep up with the ever-increasing population, and maintain a sustainable future.

It’s imperative that we all make a conscious effort to reduce our waste.

waste reduction

#09. Grey-Water Reduction

When in a caravan, it is important to plan your water storage carefully.

There are many different types of containers and methods for storing water that you can use when traveling with large groups or on long journeys.

#10. Dividers & Liners for Drawers

Drawers are preferable for storing stacks of bowls and plates since they take up less vertical space in cupboards and are easier to access.

Rubber drawer liners protect the bottoms of your drawers from harm caused by items squeezing in.

#11. Dish Drying Place

A plastic drying station with adjustable edges will come in handy for saving space and time.

You can adjust the size of it to fit all your dishes, so they take up less room on your countertop while still getting dry quickly.

#12. Have a Sink Cover

When you don’t require access to the sink, sink covers can create additional space and act as a usable flat surface for storing items.

caravan sink cover

#13. Magazine Racks

Metal wire magazine holders are perfect for storing your spices, with the ability to hang on a rack or inside a cabinet.

It also doubles as an easy and convenient organizer in kitchens because they can be hung up.

#14. Pots & Pans Should Be Protected With Soft Dividers

You can protect your pans from being damaged by stacking them with soft dividers, which are designed to prevent the bottles and cups next to them from crashing into one another.

#15. Suction Cup Hooks

Suction cup hooks are an essential staple for any caravan kitchen.

They can be used to hang utensils from a wall or window without the need for nails, staples, and tacks that other methods require.

suction cup hooks

#16. Make Use Of Your Cupboard Doors’ Backside

Hanging your utensils and trash can on the back of a door is an easy way to clear up space in your kitchen, while not taking away from any room.

#17. Nesting & Stacking

When you’re short on space, having containers and utensils that stack saves a lot of room.

Get nesting bowls or pans to help with this problem by stacking these items when not in use so your cabinet won’t be cluttered.

#18. Keep Things Labeled

In order to maximize the use of a very small caravan fridge, it’s essential that things are labeled and accessible.

You’ll want to make sure you have enough freezer space for all your frozen goods.

#19. Think Vertical

A great way to maximize your storage in cupboards is by adding smaller shelves or drawers within the larger shelf space will give you more room for storing items and make them easier to access as well.

caravan kitchen

#20. Purchase a Label-Maker

Labeling your containers with the type of item inside will help you stay organized and keep track of what’s in each container.

#21. Repack the Foods

It’s a wonderful idea to invest in a set of containers with compartments and lids that are the same size so you can consolidate all your food storage needs.

#22. Hang Few Wire Baskets

Wire hanging baskets are an excellent storage space when attached to the walls of your caravan with hooks.

They’re lightweight, stackable, and easy to see what you have inside them because they’re easily viewed through their mesh material.

#23. Utilized Unused Air Space

For those who have a tight kitchen, a cord fruit hammock is a perfect solution.

Not only does it free up refrigerator space but also provides additional airflow to keep fruits fresh longer and healthier.

fruit hammock

#24. Keep Similar Items in the Same Place

Store like goods, such as spices and tins, together in fabric containers with handles.

These can be conveniently stored so they are easy to grab when needed.

Caravan Bathroom Storage

#25. Consider What You Need

If you need hair tools like hair dryer or straightener, hang them on hooks or slide them into an over-the-door shoe holder.

The space they take up in cupboards is now clear for more important items.

#26.  Shower Caddy

If you have a shower, the easiest upgrade is to install corner suction caddies that won’t take up any floor or wall space.

shower caddy

#27. Shampoo & Conditioner Dispenser

A fantastic solution for storing bottles in the shower is a multi-dispenser on your shower wall.

If you’re traveling and don’t need to pack an entire bottle of shampoo, try travel-sized versions instead.

#28. Waterproof Stick-On Hooks

A few more hooks for towels or washcloths may be a good idea, but make sure they are waterproof.

#29. Use Sticky Hooks To Hang Your Toothbrushes

Make sure your toothbrush is always within arm’s reach, with a handy adhesive hook on the side of your bathroom mirror.

sticky Hooks

#30. Install A Magnetic Knife Strip

Magnetic knife strips are great for keeping things like tweezers and nail clippers easily accessible.

Now you don’t have to hunt around the drawer every time you need a tool.

#31. Suspend a Towel Rack Baskets

Hanging baskets from the hand towel rail will not only keep things handy, but they’ll also clear up your vanity top.

#32. Place a Lazy-Susan

A caravan bathroom is an appropriately small space, so it’s important to optimize every inch.

Installing a lazy-susan will make reaching items at the back of your cupboard easy.

Caravan Living Space Storage

#33. Stick On Hooks & Cord Organisers

Find the perfect place for your things by installing some hooks and clips on walls.

This way, you will be able to conveniently store all of those small items that are currently laying about in a pile somewhere near where they belong.

stick on hooks

#34. Maintain the Surfaces Clear

Clear countertops and tables of clutter that could be in danger during transit- this will also help reduce potential damage from shifting cargo while driving.

#35. Organize Your Cords

Keep cords and cables untangled by rolling them up with Velcro straps or cable ties.

This way you won’t have to worry about your tangled ball of wires.

Caravan Bedroom & Wardrobe Storage

#36. Wardrobe Organizer

With collapsible storage boxes, you can conveniently store your clothes in a closet that has limited space.

Get rid of those bulky containers stacked on top of each other with wardrobe organiser accessories designed to help organize any area.

Caravan Storage Ideas

#37. Streamline Your Coat Hangers

Those velvet-covered hangers, which are much thinner than the hefty wood or plastic ones, will give you back some hanging space in your wardrobe, as well as assist protect items from tumbling off their hangers.

#38. Don’t Go Overboard

Climbing over stuff to get into bed or stretching your legs at the breakfast table may be a quick-fix storage solution, but it often ends up adding clutter and reminding you of being in confined spaces.

#39. Traffic Management

Don’t forget to keep everything clean and organized.

You’ll be moving from one end of the caravan space on a regular basis, so all your area should always be clear for others to use as well.

#40. Shoe Organizers

The canvas shoe organizer is a way to keep your shoes organized and off the ground.

It can be placed near entrances or next to benches for convenience when it’s time to change out of those work clothes.

More Space-Saving Caravan Ideas

#41. Pegboard

The pegboard organizer is the perfect way to keep all your tools in order.

With a selection of hooks, you can hang them up and have easy access when needed.


#42. Look for Empty Spaces That Could Be Converted to Storage

In kitchens, bathrooms, and cupboards, look behind sealed front doors for hidden chambers that could be maximized.

Often, you’ll find some space behind panels that can be simply removed and covered with a little Velcro-attached DIY curtain, saving you the work of building a custom panel or door.

#43. Curtain Tension Rods

Use tension rods to get a grip on the kitchen.

Hang bins and cutting boards vertically, or stand trays horizontally by using horizontal curtain tension rod for better hold that won’t let go when weight is applied, no matter what direction it’s pulled from.

#44. Save Plastic bags

Store those crumpled up plastic baggies inside a clear water bottle or fold it into one of your kitchen paper towel holders for easy access to clean up any messes you might have around the caravan.

plastic bag

#45. Stackable Storage Containers

Stackable storage containers are a space saver.

Not only do they take up less room than many other types of cups, but when clipped together, they help to keep them in place and out of the way from falling down onto counters or floors.

#46. Get An Ottoman

The best part about having an ottoman with a lid is that you can store all your belongings inside it.

Just place shoes, towels or toys in the space.

#47. Look Up

Mount brooms, fishing rods and umbrellas to the ceiling with torch clips like a carousel.

You can also use pipes by hanging them upside down from your roof.

#48. Hoses Should Be Hanged

Hang your hoses inside the storage door with nylon Velcro straps.

This way you will reduce wear and tear on your hose from dragging it across a surface or carrying it in one arm for long distances.

caravan hose

#49. Don’t Forget About The Inside Of The Car

It’s important to have a car seat organizer for the back of your front seats so you can store all those little items that are essential for travelling with kids.

It also helps keep things like wipes, tissues, torches and power cords within easy reach too.

#50. Have You Forgotten Something?

Caravanning is a great way to meet new people and make friends.

It’s also nice being in an environment where you can lend help when needed.

Common Questions

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In Conclusion:

We’re always trying to find new ways to make storage space more efficient.

Caravan storage is a great way to store larger items that can’t be stored in your home or garage.

With the right ways of storage, you might just have enough room for everything.

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