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Essential Features in Every Car

Essential Features in Every Car
Choosing a New Car Is an Exciting and Daunting Process. There Are So Many Different Features to Consider There Are Also Must-Have Features That You Should Think About When Purchasing Your Next Car as Well. This Article Will Discuss 10 Must-Have Features in Every Car.

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10 Must-Have Features in Every Car


Car technology has come a long way in the last couple of decades.

Cars are now equipped with dozens and sometimes hundreds of features, but there are some that you just can’t live without.

Read on and make sure to keep these 10 features on your list!

#01. Dual Airbags

Airbags will always be a lifesaver.

For that reason alone, it’s important to have at least two airbags in every car: one for the front passenger and one for the drive.

It’ll provide protection from both low speed collisions as well as high impact accidents including crashes with other large objects.

Dual Airbags

#02. Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

The ABS system in your car is an essential component that stops the wheels from locking up when you brake hard.

So, it’s important to make sure all of our cars have this safety feature included.


#03. ISOFIX Anchorages

Isofix mounts are now common in most cars, which should come as good news to parents.

With this addition on your vehicle, you will have peace of mind because the seat situated safely.


#04. Rear Door Child Lock

The child door lock is a must have for any parent who knows that their children are capable of getting into mischief, even if they’re just in the back seat.

Once engaged, no one can get out unless someone on the outside opens up.

child door lock

#05. Central Door Locking

The central locking system makes securing your car not only a one-step process, but also allows for the driver to quickly and easily lock or unlock all of their doors from the comfort of their seat.

central door lock

#06. Engine Immobiliser

A car that does not have an engine immobiliser1 is like a key to the thieves.

The keys will only work if they are used correctly, and it prevents them from being able to hotwire your vehicle.

car Engine Immobiliser

#07. Day and Night IRVM

The day and night IRVM is a feature that has been around for some time.

This low-cost investment can make nighttime driving more comfortable, as it reduces the glare of headlamp beams from vehicles behind you.

Day and Night IRVM

#08. Internally Adjustable Wing Mirrors 

ORVM’s are usually not adjusted unless when you’re reversing into a tight spot or parking close to the wall.

A lot of people forget about their passenger-side ORVM until they need it, and then find that adjusting them is an issue due to cramped space in between seats.

Internally Adjustable Wing Mirrors

#09. Three-Point Seatbelts For Rear Passengers

Rear seat passengers in entry level cars don’t get three-point seatbelts.

It is a must-have safety feature, especially for an owner that has a family and it’s certainly not something you want your loved ones riding with without.

Three-Point Seatbelts For Rear Passengers

#10. Defogger

The back window gets just as fogged up as the front windshield, but many cars don’t come with a rear defogger2.

Without visibility in your rear-view mirror there could be serious consequences and problems on the road ahead.

car rear defogger

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In Conclusion

There are lots of different features that you might want to have.

You should consider how much value each feature has to you personally before making any decisions so that you don’t overpay unnecessarily for something that won’t benefit you as much as another option would.

Remember, even if it’s just a small feature, every little detail counts!

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