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South African pastimes are very different from any other countries. Here we celebrate with a braai and a camping trip. Now you too can rest easy with our caravan quotes. These quotes will be a stress less package for every type of traveller. Whether you go camping on weekends with the boys or if it’s a family trip to make sure enough quality and quantity time is together we have the right mobile home cover at the right caravan insurance cost.

Every country has its way of celebrating holidays and weekends. To some, it involves binge eating on ‘Nyama Choma,’ and to others, it is surfing in the warm and tidal beaches. For South Africa, celebrations include music, dance, braai and camping trips.

One thing however is, sometimes going on trips can be quite limited especially when you do have or cannot afford your caravan insurance in time.

Lucky for you, at, we offer you affordable caravan insurance quote rates so that you can rest easy and feel relaxed as you go on with your braai celebrations.

These quotes will be a stress less package for every type of traveller. Whether you go camping on weekends with the boys or if it’s a family trip to make sure you spend enough quality and quantity time together. We have the right mobile home cover at the right caravan insurance cost.

So, if you are looking to enjoy the open road and for some affordable caravan insurance quotes, you have come to the right place – Car Insurance Check’s Caravanette Quotes. We offer you premium insurance and have peace of mind knowing your home-away-from-home is protected and covered no matter where you go.

We take pride in giving online insurance quotes quickly, and in most cases, around two minutes. It’s that fast and easy.

We also provide quotes that include coverage of your contents and accessories, even when you aren’t using your home-away-from-home. These items are considered luxury and include items such as lamps, chairs and tables and your Television.

We also provide quotes for folding campervans as well as trailer tents. So, if you like our rates (and we are pretty sure you will), purchase your policy online, and we will provide you with immediate proof of caravan insurance.

So go ahead and contact caravan insurance brokers today and become a member of the camper club today.

Caravan Insurance

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How Can We Help You with Caravan Cover today?

Caravan Insurance South Africa worked with us to provide you top class insurance quotes at the lowest prices. We offer quotes on four different packages, most of them including Towing to the nearest service provider and safe storage as well as assistance for flat tyres, flat batteries and keys locked inside the car.

These cover packages include covering the accessories and contents inside your caravan. These items are considered luxury items. This will also add to your home-away-from-home insurance when it is not in use and a safe and secure area. For the people who enjoy travelling in luxury and style, we also provide cover quotes for permanent fixtures such as air- conditioning units, awnings and fitted canopies.

Caravan insurance cover

The primary coverage of these packages includes the following:

Fire, Theft or Explosion

Accidental Damage

Storm, Hail, Flood or Snow

Liabilities Caused to Other Parties

When signing up for one of these packages, there will be four options available. You will be able to pick from touring campers insurance, Static cover, folding campervans and of course trailer tents.

The information forms will ask you the make and model of your travelling companion, the site where you keep it safe as well as the number of bedrooms, and whether it’s single or twin axle.

Becoming a member of the camping club will also reap more benefits as it may impact your monthly premiums as well as your excess claims. Your premiums may stay the same for 12 months, and you may have zero excess in the first 12 months.

For more information on exclusions such as unforced entry, wear and tear, mildew, vermin, trade use and use as a permanent residence, please read the mobile home guides stating this and any other information you may need on caravan products.

Caravan Insurance FAQs

Q: Is There Any Exclusion On Caravan Insurance?

A: Well, for this you need to make sure that you check the terms and conditions of your policy for any exclusions. However, you need to look out things like:

  • Restrictions on the age of your van
  • Contents cover if there is no forced entry
  • Mechanical and electrical breakdown
  • Wear and tear
  • Mildew damage
  • Vermin damage
  • If you use the caravan as a place of trade

Q: Does One Need Caravan Insurance?

A: Well, while car insurance is a legal requirement, coverage for a touring caravan that is towed is not.

However, not all car insurance policies cover caravans and those that do, most of the time have restrictions on weight or size.

However, when you take into consideration risks like theft and accidental damages, then you may need to take caravan insurance. In fact, it is highly advisable.

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