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– Jaqueline van Rensburg, R.E.D

Jaqui van rensberg

I have been paying almost R1500 on my caravan and trailer insurance for the last 10 years. I decide to use Car Insurance Check to look at various offers. They provided me with three of the best quotes. I now saw R376 a month. That means that I could have saved R45 120 until now if I had used their company ten years ago when I first started used caravan and trailer insurance. They truly do offer the best online insurance quotes.

– Jason, Technician


I approached Car Insurance Check for quotes on their Caravan cover. Jessica helped me by explaining the different types of cover available, and I was pleasantly surprised by their friendly approach. I found the best cover for my trailer. I enjoyed the experience so much as it was reliable, I can recommend them to anybody who needs quick and efficient service.

– Joe Martinez, MDF Medical


I was involved in a crash into, and I immediately contacted the best Motor Insurance Quotes Company, roadside AND medical assistance were sent out, and they quickly helped me. My car is sent in for repairs, and within a few days, I could use it again. The process was quick and efficient. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs the best car indemnity.

– Michelle Smith, EnerGen


I approached Car Insurance Check as I had recently decided to insure my trailer. I am put through to an agent, and they helped me by providing me with three different quotations. Jackie quickly helped me, and I could insure my trailer within minutes. I was astonished by their efficiency. I found the experience almost therapeutic. I would recommend this company to anyone who owns a trailer and wants it insured.

– Jack Jensen, Music Producer @SoundProof