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Potchefstroom Car Insurance

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Common FAQ’s

What is Comprehensive Vehicle Cover?

Comprehensive Car Insurance is the most expensive option to consider. This option covers you for theft, hijacking, loss or damage caused by accidents, fire and natural disasters like flooding and hail storms. This package also covers you against third party claims where you are responsible for damage to their vehicle.

Third Party Only

The third-party cover is the cheapest option when it comes to the three packages. It ensures any damage you may cause to someone else’s vehicle (third-party), and it will cover for costs with the accidental death of injuries of third parties involved in the same accidents. The plan does not cover you against loss or damage to your vehicle caused by accidents, theft or fire.

A third party, theft and fire protection or limited assurance might be the option to consider if your vehicle has been paid off, or is of relatively little value, but you do want to financially protect yourself against causing damage to the car of a third-party vehicle. The cost that will be crippling if the other person’s car is an expensive model.

The third-party cover policy is for individuals who tend to use heavy motor vehicles for moving purposes or building purposes as it ensures that the vehicle has protection no matter what happens. Even though this coverage policy is the package with the least amount of protection, it also allows those who feel no need to have comprehensive insurance to make sure that if and when they are in an accident they don’t have to worry about all the costs.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Personal Injury Protection means that if you are in an accident and you do need medical assistance your car insurance covers the medical bills.

Personal Injury Protection may be included in the comprehensive car insurance package, even though it does not have the same title this benefit also listed in the 24/7 medical roadside assistance benefit is used when you and your family obtain injuries in a collision or an accident caused by nature such as fire.

This package is available to the owners of the comprehensive insurance package. This allows those who have the complete package to make sure they are even safer than before.

Limited Fire & Theft

The Limited package covers accidental loss and damage, and it includes third party liability as well. The damage is under the insurance companies cover if it was caused by fire, lightning, explosion, theft and attempted theft.

The limited package was tailor made for the families who live in areas where riots and robberies take place.

This coverage plan was designed to make sure that when nature throws a curveball at you, you will be able to make sure that you and your family are safe. The benefits as mentioned above are also available for this package, and the owner of the policy may choose to insure luxury items but only when the car is in use.

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Under Insured or Over Insured in Potchefstroom?

Underinsured or Uninsured cover relates to your package, helping you when the owner of that beautiful Ferrari you crashed into is not insured. Uninsured coverage, therefore, covers the damage to both parties cars. Underinsured or uninsured motorists are the most dangerous type of drivers.

Most insurance companies only cover you when you are in a collision or an accident, and the other party is underinsured. According to the Automobile Association of South Africa between 65% and 70% of car owners are uninsured in South Africa.

Some of the companies who we have chosen to give you the best possible insurance policies do not cover this aspect of insurance as it is extremely expensive to cover an accident where one of the parties are uninsured.

Please check the cover options that you select when you use our online insurance quotes to see whether or not you are taken care of in case of underinsured or uninsured parties.

Car Hire & Towing in Potchefstroom?

Car Hire is an extra option that is in use with some of the quotes that we provide from various companies. Car Hire offers you vehicle rental if your vehicle needs to go in for repairs or is stolen or hijacked.

This automotive will be viewed as an insurance car while you are using it. Included in the extra coverage is towing. Towing is an add-on to the packages, and it will leave you feeling safe and with a pure mind knowing that the families most prized possession will be taken care of in case of emergencies.

Towing and Car Hire is one of the best add-ons that any insurance company can offer you. Towing is available as a benefit, and most companies offer it as part of the package that you decide to use as protection. Car Hire, on the other hand, is a critical aspect as it can cause you and your family, even more, stress in case of an accident.

Car Hire is available as an add-on for any of the packages mentioned above, the price for this add-on will differ from insurance company to insurance company. Our specialist advises you our distinguished clientele and us to consider adding Car Hire to your following policy.


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Potchefstroom Car Insurance

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