Katherine Read

Katherine Read

Insurance Expert & Writer

About the Author

Katherine is a well-established insurance, health and consumer affairs writer with extensive experience in finance and business-related topics. 

She has been an integral member of the CarInsuranceCheck team since 2019.


After graduating with an honours degree in business, Katherine was selected for the international management fast-track program at Maersk, the world’s largest shipping company. She worked through various departments, including finance, marketing, and sales, and headed up the roll-out of SAP for the company in Tanzania.


Graduating in the top 10% worldwide, the training programme helped establish her passion for finance, which she has continued to build on through various roles in the past few years.

In addition, her focus on physical and mental health topics offers insights to people looking to maximise their health and happiness.



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John Duckett

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John Duckett
Founder, CarInsuranceCheck

John helps individuals get the best deal on car insurance. He advises on how to match client needs with budget and successfully negotiates with insurance houses to exceed client expectations.

Working in the online space is his passion, he loves to share his knowledge on insurance and keeps an updated blog.

Katherine Read

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